CyberArk logoIn an era where digital transformation is accelerating, the need for robust cybersecurity measures has never been more crucial. Organizations across Africa are increasingly recognizing the importance of protecting their most sensitive data and systems from advanced cyber threats. Hera Group, a premier cybersecurity services and solutions provider founded in South Africa, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with CyberArk, a global leader in privileged access management (PAM). With operations spanning 18 African countries, Hera Group is dedicated to fortifying the cybersecurity infrastructure of businesses across the continent by integrating state-of-the-art security solutions that protect against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

As cyber threats become more sophisticated, organizations must adopt comprehensive strategies to safeguard their privileged accounts and sensitive information. Privileged access, often the target of cyber attacks, requires specialized protection to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches. Recognizing the critical importance of securing privileged credentials, Hera Group has partnered with CyberArk to provide top-tier PAM solutions. This partnership aims to empower organizations with the tools needed to protect their most critical assets while ensuring compliance and enhancing overall security posture.


Application Access Manager

CyberArk’s Application Access Manager secures non-human identities, such as application accounts, by managing and securing secrets used by applications, scripts, and other automated processes. This ensures that credentials used by applications are protected from unauthorized access and misuse.

Cloud Entitlements Manager

This solution provides visibility and control over permissions and entitlements in cloud environments. By identifying and removing excessive permissions, Cloud Entitlements Manager helps organizations minimize the risk of data breaches and ensure compliance with security policies.

Conjur Secrets Manager

Designed for DevOps environments, Conjur Secrets Manager secures secrets and other credentials used by applications and services across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. It integrates seamlessly with CI/CD pipelines and container orchestration tools, ensuring that DevOps practices adhere to security best practices.

Endpoint Privilege Manager

This solution helps organizations enforce least privilege policies on endpoints, reducing the attack surface by removing local admin rights and controlling application access. Endpoint Privilege Manager balances security with productivity, allowing users to perform necessary tasks without compromising security.

CyberArk Identity as SSO for AWS Control Tower | AWS MarketplaceIdentity Governance and Administration (IGA)

CyberArk’s IGA solutions provide comprehensive identity governance capabilities, including user provisioning, access certification, and policy enforcement. These solutions help organizations maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and ensure that users have appropriate access based on their roles.

Privileged Access Security

CyberArk’s core offering focuses on securing, managing, and monitoring privileged accounts and credentials. This includes automated credential rotation, session isolation, and detailed activity recording to prevent unauthorized access and ensure accountability.

Privileged Access ManagementRemote Access

CyberArk’s remote access solutions enable secure access for remote employees and third parties without the need for a VPN. These solutions provide secure, audited access to critical systems, ensuring that remote work does not compromise security.

Through this partnership, Hera Group aims to integrate CyberArk’s advanced PAM solutions into its comprehensive cybersecurity service offerings, providing clients with a robust approach to protecting privileged access. By leveraging CyberArk’s innovative technologies, Hera Group empowers organizations to mitigate the risks associated with privileged access, enhance regulatory compliance, and maintain business continuity in the face of evolving cyber threats.

Hera Group takes immense pride in its highly qualified team of cybersecurity experts, whose extensive experience and deep expertise ensure the delivery of top-notch solutions in every engagement. Committed to excellence, our team continually enhances its skills and knowledge, staying at the forefront of cybersecurity advancements. Their dedication solidifies Hera Group’s position as a trusted partner for organizations seeking to optimize their cybersecurity strategies through effective, reliable solutions.

Together with CyberArk, Hera Group is dedicated to fostering a secure, resilient, and compliant digital environment for businesses and communities across Africa. This partnership underscores Hera Group’s commitment to delivering innovative, effective, and reliable PAM solutions that address the evolving needs of clients and mitigate the risks associated with privileged access.