Hera Group, a distinguished security and services firm with roots in South Africa, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Nozomi Networks. This collaboration underscores our commitment to enhancing cybersecurity and digital solutions throughout Africa, further solidifying Hera Group’s eminent position in the continent.

Nozomi Networks excels in the realm of cybersecurity, especially in providing solutions for operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS). Their offerings are instrumental for businesses aiming to protect their critical infrastructure.

Central Management Console (CMC) – Offers a centralized view for threat hunting, risk assessment, and operational monitoring across multiple sites.

Firewall Integration – Augments network segmentation strategies with intelligent firewall rule recommendations.

Guardian – Real-time ICS monitoring, providing asset discovery, network visualization, vulnerability assessment, and threat detection.

OT and IOT Visibility – Solutions to ensure comprehensive visibility into operational technology and the Internet of Things environments.

Smart Polling – An asset intelligence system that identifies assets and their characteristics without introducing operational risks.

Threat Intelligence – Delivers insights into OT and ICS risks, helping organizations stay ahead of potential threats.

Through these cutting-edge tools, Nozomi Networks ensures that businesses can safeguard their most vital operations against a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape.

Founded in South Africa, Hera Group has burgeoned, making its mark in 18 African nations. It’s imperative to emphasize that while our operational stronghold lies in these 18 countries, Hera Group’s reach in services extends across the entire African spectrum. This manifests our unwavering dedication to addressing the evolving security and digital needs of the African community.

The cornerstone of Hera Group’s accomplishments is undoubtedly our highly qualified team. Comprised of seasoned professionals with profound expertise, our team is devoted to crafting bespoke solutions that resonate with the unique needs of each client. Our alliance with Nozomi Networks further accentuates our dedication to harnessing top-tier global technologies to benefit the diverse African market.