Hera Group, an esteemed security and services organization rooted in South Africa, proudly unveils its strategic partnership with Yubico. This union underscores our ambition to bring fortified cybersecurity solutions across Africa, reflecting Hera Group’s expanding influence in the region.

Yubico is a recognized leader in hardware-based authentication, aiming to provide safer and more streamlined online experiences. Their pioneering solutions include:

YubiKey – A physical multi-protocol authentication device offering touch-to-sign, one-time passwords, and more.

YubiHSM – A hardware security module geared towards safeguarding server cryptographic keys and enhancing regulatory compliance.

YubiEnterprise Services – Dedicated services designed to facilitate seamless YubiKey deployments at scale, covering logistics, training, and support.

YubiCloud – A cloud validation service to ensure swift and secure adoption of Yubico’s authentication mechanisms.

FIDO2 and WebAuthn Support – Leading the transition to passwordless authentication for modern digital platforms.

Through its comprehensive suite, Yubico empowers organizations and individuals alike to navigate the digital realm with confidence, ensuring robust protection against cyber threats.

From its inception in South Africa, Hera Group has burgeoned, now operating prominently across 18 African nations. It’s essential to emphasize that, while our foundation is solid in these 18 territories, Hera Group’s all-encompassing services radiate throughout the entirety of Africa, reflecting our unwavering dedication to the region’s security and digital transformation aspirations.

The momentum behind Hera Group’s achievements is its highly qualified cadre of professionals. With a blend of deep expertise and passion, our team endeavors to provide tailored solutions aligning with the unique requisites of each client. Our alliance with Yubico further accentuates our zeal to integrate global elite technologies, ensuring top-tier offerings for the African continent.